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SLEEP STALK 3rd edition

14.50 / Sold Out

written by Joe Copplestone
drawn and designed by Marian Bodenstein

after an idea of Marian Bodenstein and Joe Copplestone
printed at Riso Club Leipzig
cover printed at SIECLE FOU Halle

-24 2colour Risoprint pages
-3 colour screenprint cover
-handnumbered limited edition of 150
-in english

Pearl’s days on the corner are over, ever since she discovered a precious gem growing in her overworked genitals she’s been a star of the underground sex world and the avant-garde art scene. Mike has problems sleeping, sometimes he can’t tell his dreams from reality. After reading about Pearl in a magazine Mike has a vision which leads him to believe Pearl is in danger, but was it just a vision? Or was it real?
And if so, who are The Sippers?